What is a Deception Artist?

Like music, magic has many different styles. To tell people I am a magician does not really explain much about me or my style of entertainment. Just as Garth Brooks is described as a country music star rather than a "musician".

A Deception Artist uses the same techniques as magicians, pickpockets, card cheats, mind readers and psychics. However, rather than exploiting people for personal gain, a deception artist presents these skills as a form of entertainment. In other words a deception artist is an honest con artist.

My Story

Like most magicians, I discovered my love for magic at a young age. After receiving a magic kit as a gift I quickly started performing magic shows for my parents in the living room. One year later for my 12th birthday my parents drove me to Appleton, WI so I could see the city Houdini grew up in as well as explore the museum dedicated to his success. After this I spent most of my life working on my craft. After working a traditional job for several years I eventually quit to pursue my passion. The rest is history.

As an adult I have been entertaining audiences across the United States with my brand of magic. I have performed from Milwaukee to Phoenix with clients such as Kohls, GE Medical, Harley Davidson, and Butterball to name a few. I have also appeared on numerous television stations such as FOX, CBS, and BVC. In 2014 along with several other magicians I headlined “The Revollusionists” a one of a kind ensemble magic show in Branson, MO. This high end multi-million dollar production opened to rave reviews and sold out shows for it's two year run. Rather than renew my contract for another season. I moved back to Milwaukee to spend more time with family and work on various other projects related to the art of deception.


To me performing is more than a career. It's an art form I have dedicated my life too. Every time I take the stage I deliver the best performance I am capable. My goal while performing is to take my audience on a journey. Where  personal problems can be momentarily forgotten and if only for this short period of time they can actually enjoy themselves.